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Diabetic Education


For Type I and Type II Diabetics

The Diabetic Education Series is a set of four workshops held each week on Wednesdays. It is open to all Type I and Type II diabetics, whether newly diagnosed or looking to catch up on the latest. 

Each week, you’ll receive instruction from a nurse instructor, a dietitian, and specialty care providers on how to best manage your diabetes.

For questions regarding a diagnosis of diabetes, please contact your Primary Care Team. 

Teaching Topics

The nurse instructor will review how to manage your diabetes when you get sick, how to remain physically active, and the importance of following your treatment regimen to prevent complications in the future. 

The dietitian will teach you how to count carbohydrates, plan meals and how to maintain your regimen during Holidays and while dining out at restaurants.

Specialty Education

Ophthalmology (eye care): A nurse will discuss some common complications that diabetics can experience with their vision and how to avoid them.

Podiatry (foot care): A nurse will discuss common problems that diabetics can develop with their feet and can answer questions on how to check your feet for sores and decreased sensation.

A representative from PT/OT will provide education on how to stay active, exercises to manage your diabetes, and the importance of staying active despite your diagnosis.

A pharmacist will be available to answer questions about medications, blood glucose testing, and insulin.


The series is broken down into four workshops that meet throughout the month. 

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Contact Information​​
Phone: 502-624-9713
Hours: Wed: 9 a.m. to 11 a.m.
Location: Bldg. 851, Basement, Room XBG-3