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Perscription Refills: Our refill page will be available again shortly.
  • Call-In Refill Service. Call (502) 624-9345 or (800) 440-7058 any time to request refills
    Our Mission: Optimize wellness and military readiness of those entrusted to our care by providing exceptional patient-centered medication therapy services with caring, compassion, and skill
    Our Vision: To be the preferred and trusted source for medication therapy.
    Main Pharmacy
    0730 to 1730 (Monday - Friday)
    0800 to 1630 (Training Holidays)
    Closed on Saturdays, Sundays and Federal Holidays
    (502) 624-9777
    289 Ireland Avenue, Ft. Knox, KY
    Binter Street
    0830 to 1800 (Monday - Friday)
    0800 to 1630 (Saturday & Training Holidays)
    Closed on Sundays and Federal Holidays
    (502) 624-9222
    Binter Streeet, Ft. Knox, KY