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Written by Hospital Commander on 2/14/2012 8:41:25 AM | 2 Comments
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Last week, I hosted a Staff Town Hall meeting for all members of the MEDDAC staff. Thank you to all who attended. I felt the Town Hall enhanced communication, one of my primary missions. I appreciate those of you who took the time to give me your feedback and ask questions.

My complete slide deck for the Town Hall is available on the Web site. Take a minute to flip back through those slides. If you have additional questions or comments, I would love to hear them. I received several comment cards and spoke to several people in person at the conclusion of the event. I am always interested in what you have to say, so again, feel free to leave a comment here on the blog. I believe good communication is absolutely essential in improving the quality of work we do here at the hospital and within the MEDDAC.

Some of the topics we discussed during the Town Hall included Patient Centered Medical Home/ Army Medical Home, the recent Army Readiness Assessment Program survey, as well as the Organizational Climate Survey. Both of these are tools used to help gauge the attitudes and thoughts of those within our organization. We also discussed the importance of DMHRS-I, the Balanced Scorecard and our Strategy Map. I hope that each of you who attended came away with a better understanding of the importance of these tools.

As I said during the Town Hall, if you see me in the DFAC or the hallways, please come up to my table, eat lunch with me, stop me in the hall and say hello. Open lines of communication are of the utmost importance. I look forward to hearing your comments. In the coming weeks, I will address some of your comments in my blog. Stay tuned.


On 2/21/2012 4:55:20 PM, Hospital Commander wrote: I appreciate your comments and agree with you about retaining our exceptional staff. We have 65 temporary employees filling many critical positions in the hospital and we look within to fill permanent positions and positions of increased responsibility according to Civilian Personnel Advisory Center personnel management guidelines. Last year, we converted 32 temporary positions to permanent and 47 employees were selected for positions of greater responsibility. Many of our staff have been with the hospital for 20 years or more. I meet people everyday who started here long ago and have moved to positions of greater responsibility over the years. This provides the potential for employee advancement you mentioned and provides the continuity our organization needs. In fact, we have talked about a display to recognize our staff that have been with the hospital for more than 20 years. These are the people who have demonstrated excellence at all levels in the hospital and have proud careers to show for their efforts. I look forward to continuing this tradition of growing tomorrow's leaders for Ireland from within. Our motto reflects our dedication not only to our patients, but to our staff as well. Again, thank you for the comment. Because We Care!

On 2/16/2012 1:13:36 PM, Yacer Medina wrote: Sir, I want to thank you for giving us the opportunity to voice our opinions on this blog. I attended the Town Hall but was unable to stay and talk about this in person. My concern is over term employees. I know you have other things on your plate that might take priority, but are there any plans to make term employees permanent? I am currently a term employee and feel I may never have the opportunity to advance here at Ireland. The goal of any organization should be to retain great employees, and I realize it is difficult to do at an MTF because people do constantly move in and out of the area but the employees who will be long term in the area and who are worth retaining should be given the opportunity to excel. Morale is not high among these employees because we know that we will not be able to move up. Please dont misunderstand what I'm saying I am not complaining about my job because I honestly love it, but some help in this area would make a big difference to a lot of the term employees here now. Thank you.