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Written by Hospital Commander on 3/26/2012 3:24:08 PM | 3 Comments
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Obesity is an epidemic in the United States. Unfortunately, it is making its way into the military. It prevents otherwise healthy folks from being able to join. It affects family members and loved ones of those who are serving.

According to recent news reports, the Pentagon spent more than $1 billion a year on the medical care that relates to weight and obesity. Among 17-to-24 year olds, 27 percent are considered too overweight to serve in the military.

The first lady, Michelle Obama, is working hard to reverse the trend of obesity. She recently announced changes that will help improve nutrition standards for dining facilities and the troops they serve.

Think about the problem of obesity. Make sure to keep your health and nutrition in the forefront of your mind. Take care of the body you are issued. Related to obesity are so many issues such as diabetes, joint pain, cardiovascular difficulties and high blood pressure. Being obese is not just a cosmetic problem Ė it can affect, and shorten, your  life.

The good news is that obesity is treatable, manageable and changeable. Eat right, exercise, talk to your healthcare provider. There are many ways to get on the right track to nutrition. Ensuring you and your loved ones are at a healthy weight is a great start.

An active lifestyle and regular exercise, along with healthy eating, is a great way to start on the right path to losing weight and keeping it off. Try to learn new and healthy ways of eating, and make them a part of your daily routine. Just remember that it can be difficult to make drastic lifestyle changes. Make the change a part of your life over the long term.

Work with your healthcare provider and dietitian to set realistic, safe goals. You can work with one of our dietitians to learn about topics such as healthy meal choices, healthy snacks, sweetened drinks, portion sizes, and how to read nutrition labels.

We also have a new bariatric surgery program here at IRACH that is intended for family members with morbid obesity. It includes support groups and treatment plans. Bariatric surgery may be life-saving for those morbidly obese, but it has significant side effects and canít be considered lightly. For more information on our bariatric program, call 624-0624. For Soldiers, bariatric surgery is not authorized.


On 6/1/2012 3:18:21 PM, barbara boswell wrote: Our hospital commander is very much in support of fitness and healthier lifestyle changes . Our Civilan Wellness Program is officially open to anyone who wishes to partcipate . If you look out the window at any given time throughout the day you will see staff being active in pursuit of a healthier life . We are given the tools and the time to exercise even during our workday hours . All we need is a postivie attitude to make changes that have a physical effect on our lives and the lives of those we love.

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