... ... ... ... Improve the health of all beneficiaries with focus on prime enrollees and WTs through cost-effective evidence-based care, proactive disease management, demand management, and public health programs. Develop and sustain professionals in all areas of patient care and administrative functions while maintaining Soldier readiness. Manage the business of healthcare with absolute stewardship  of our tax dollars. Demonstrate commitment to the the Army Medical Home model and incorporate evidence-based care for our patients. Go beyond treating the sick and focus on holistic health. Maintain the combat power of Fort Knox units. Leverage resources in the community and other agencies to maximize value. Support the needs of Soldiers in Transition. Exceed patient expectations and demonstrate our motto: Because We Care! Encourage innovation and standardize best practices throughout the organization. Improve communication with patients, unit leaders, and among staff; document care efficiently and accurately capture each encounter. Increase cost awareness among leadership and staff; develop stewardship at all levels. Align staffing IAW MEDCOM models and benchmarks while developing future AMEDD leaders. Balance innovation and responsibility to enable the highest standard of care possible. Hospital Home Page Army Medicine Online