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Patients and Visitors

What To Bring

Orders-Mobilization/Assignment (7 copies)
Line of Duty Memorandums
Copy of your Profile (if you have a one)
Medical records (if you have any)
Telephone: 309-782-0805 or 309-782-0803
TA-50 (if you have any) if you turned it in, bring your receipt from CIF.
All of your uniforms (ACU’s/Class A’s/Class B’s, PT’s summer/winter etc.)

What Not To Bring

Alcohol (Firearms and alcohol are not allowed on the WTB footprint-we have a Zero tolerance policy)

Soldier may bring any additional items as needed

Travel By Air

Call WTB Transportation at 502-624-1505 or 502-624-1568 as soon as you have your arrival time into Louisville and provide them with your flight information
Call the CQ Desk at 502-624-1568 if you are arriving after hours or on the weekend.(Please let them know if you require assistance with your luggage)
In both cases, staff duty will assign you a room in the barracks and provide follow on instructions

Map And Directions

From Wilson Gate

- Enter at Wilson Gate, on Wilson Road from 31 Dixie Highway
- Drive north for 2 mi. until you come to 9th Cavalry Regiment Ave. (just past the large PT field)
- Turn left; and follow it for about ¼ of a mile.
- You will see the WTB on the right; at the top of the hill