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Optimize wellness and military readiness of those entrusted to our care by providing exceptional patient-centered medication therapy services with caring, compassion, and skill

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To be the preferred and trusted source for medication therapy.

Prescription Refills: Call 502-624-9345 or 800-440-7058 any time to request refills

For Online Prescription Refill Requests, Please visit the Tricare-Online Site.

In 2017, clinical pharmacists at Fort Knox, Kentucky were designated to conduct a polypharmacy screening program on geographically dispersed active duty service members/reservists/National Guard to ensure accurate medical readiness.   Previously, only service members embedded into medical treatment facilities were offered these services.

Each month, the clinical pharmacists receive a report from the Defense Health Agency on all Tricare Prime Remote patients. The report identifies patients who may benefit from a medication review with a clinical pharmacist. If your name has been listed on that report, a clinical pharmacist will offer a medication review with you via telephone discussion. 

The pharmacist will check for drug interactions, appropriate dosing, and side effects of the medications you are receiving.  The clinical pharmacist will help answer any medication questions you may have and may help in any follow up care if necessary. Please visit link below for additional questions you may have regarding the program.

Polypharmacy Program
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Ireland Pharmacy Online Formulary
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Preventing Medication Errors
History of Army Pharmacy
Proper Drug Disposal Video

Clinic Pharmacy​​
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Phone: 502-624-9777

Mon - Fri: 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
Closed: Weekends and Federal Holidays


289 Ireland Avenue,
Fort Knox, KY


All prescription needs for active duty and active duty family members.

Binter Street
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Phone: 502-624-9222

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160 Binter Street,
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Pre-requested refill pickup.
All prescription needs for retired service members and retired service family members.