Occupational Health

Eligible Personnel: All DOD / DA Civilians & NAF

The Occupational Health Clinic works to reduce the risk and incidence of work related illnesses and injuries for Department of Defense personnel at Fort Knox by focusing on three areas:
• Primary Prevention – Prevention of exposures that cause occupational illnesses or injuries.
• Secondary Prevention – Early intervention strategies to prevent at-risk individuals from developing clinical symptoms or diseases.
• Tertiary Prevention – The detection and limitation of nonreversible health effects.

The Occupational Health Clinic performs many functions, including:
• Medical surveillance
• Pre-Employment physicals
• Health hazard education
• Vision conservation
• Laser surveillance
• Hearing conservation
• Respirator medical clearance / Fit Testing
• Immunizations screening
• Pre-Deployment / Post Deployment Medical Surveillance; DOD civilians
• BBP Exposure / Counseling and education for Sharps/Splash Injuries
• Worksite evaluations
• Injury prevention and control
• Recordkeeping and reporting

Worksite Health Hazard Evaluation:
• Ergonomics with Industrial Hygiene personnel.
• Worksite visits – When notified of a potential worksite hazard, Occupational Health and Industrial Hygiene personnel visit the site to identify the hazard and recommend corrective action.

Contact Information 

To Schedule appointments:

Pre-Employment: bring in the paperwork from the CPAC or NAF HR personnel office to the OCC Health Clinic

Annual Health assessment: can be schedule over the phone with supervisor.

Phone: 502-624-6236

Mon-Fri: 8 a.m. - 12 p.m.
Mon-Fri: 1 p.m. - 3 p.m.


Margetis Bldg., 6289, Claiborne St.
Fort Knox KY 40121-5111