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Change Healthcare (previously RelayHealth) Services

What is the Change Healthcare service?
Change Healthcare (previously RelayHealth) is a web-based service through which providers and patients can communicate securely. This service, Secure Messaging, supplies providers and their care teams with an interactive website where patients can initiate a webVisit® consultation, receive preventive care reminders, send a note to the provider's office, request prescription renewals and refills, request lab or test results, and request appointments. Patients may also securely store and manage their Personal Health Record information including health conditions, allergies, immunizations, hospitalizations, office visits, and their family health history.​

Registering for Online Access To Change Healthcare

The registration process is quick and easy, it should just take a few minutes.
1. To get started, go to Follow the prompts to register. You can use any web accessible device. Or you can call 1-866-309-4138
2. To ensure security, we must accept your application online before you can use the service. Please allow us up to three business days to process your request.

Our Federal Support Team can be reached via email at or phone at 1-866-309-4138.

Is the online communication service difficult to use?

We think you’ll find the messaging service neatly organized and easy to use. The first time you log in, we recommend taking a few seconds to review the 'Quick Tour' presentation that pops up in your browser window.

What health care services can I access online?

Available services are listed below. Once you select the type of message you’d like to send, you simply compose the message and send it to us. AMSMS is not for urgent of emergent matters since a response may not be immediate. Please allow up to three business days for routine communications.

    Consult Your Doctor (webVisitTM)
Use a webVisit to consult us about non-urgent health conditions or symptoms. In a webVisit, you’re presented with a series of questions about your symptoms and other important health information. Your answers help us determine the best course of treatment for you.

     Request An Appointment
Request an appointment online and avoid waiting on hold or playing phone tag with our office.

     Request Medication Refills
Request a prescription renewal when you need additional refills for a prescribed medication. Once we approve your request, we can electronically route it to your pharmacy for filling.

    Request a Lab or Test Result
Ask us to forward information about recent lab results or diagnostic tests to you electronically.

    Send a Note To Your Doctor or Doctor’s Office
Use this feature to ask routine administrative and health questions.

Fequently asked Questions

Is this service secure?
Secure Messaging uses a high level of security to protect the privacy and confidentiality of healthcare information transmitted through its provider-patient messaging service. Unlike e-mail, which relies on multiple file servers distributed across the Internet, Secure Messaging use a single, centrally managed, secure database for all provider-patient communications. All messages are delivered to a web browser using 128-bit, secure-socket layer encryption. To prevent others from viewing your private information, you should always log out after using this service.

How is the Change Healthcare message service different from regular email?
These messages differ from regular email because they are securely and confidentially transmitted. They employ clinical guidelines and algorithms to support the interaction between provider and patient. All Change Healthcare messages provide an audit trail enabling provider and patient to view the entire message history.

How will I know if I have a message waiting for me at this site?
When a message is delivered to your Secure Messaging inbox, Change Healthcare will immediately send an email to your preferred e-mail address (the email address you provided when registering) notifying you of a waiting message, and providing a convenient link to this service.

You will not receive a Change Healthcare (previously RelayHealth) email address. Rather, you check your messages by signing in to the Secure Messaging website using your username and password.​

To register for online services, visit your care team administrator. Sign up today and start making your life easier. 

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