Patient Administrations

The Patient Administration Division at Ireland Army Health Clinic, USA MEDDAC, is located on the 1st floor and in the basement near the elevators. Our mission is to provide active-duty soldiers, retirees, family members and civil service employees with their health records when needed. We are here to serve you!

Would you like to see more health care providers and services offered at IRAHC?

You can help make this a reality by completing a Form DD2569 and returning it to us by email or in person at your next visit. Our clinic receives 100 percent of the funds reimbursed by your civilian health insurance companies to fund additional services, upgrade the facilities and equipment and add programs for our patients. You are not liable for any costs not paid by your civilian insurance to include deductibles cost-shares and co-pays. 

Everyone benefits from completing the DD2569! Remember to update your forms every year even if you do not have other health insurance. 

Outpatient Medical Records
Basement (Near main elevators)

Admissions & Dispositions
502-624-9759 / 9259

Treasurer's Office

Medical Boards / IDES
Building 853
502-624-3506 / 3342

1st Floor 

Release of Information
Fax 502-624-9247

Birth Certificates (Past Births)

Contact Information 
Phone: 502-624-9735



Bldg 851, 1st Floor