Patient Relations

The dedicated health care providers and support staff of Ireland Army Health Clinic strive to meet our customers needs. We also try to meet their expectations by consistently delivering quality, patient-focused healthcare and preventive services to our beneficiaries while maintaining a safe and pleasant environment. We realize that one of the most important factors in patient care is communication. We encourage our patients to ask questions and voice their concerns to their healthcare providers. If patients have questions, concerns, or complaints regarding healthcare or services at our facility, they may contact our Patient Representative's Office.

The office serves as a link between patients and clinic staff at all levels. It is easy to access and serves as our patient's liaison for expressions of satisfaction; education and information regarding policies, procedures, and systems; and/or concerns about care and safety within the clinic. We believe in and fully support the patient’s right to:

• present valid concerns or complaints
• request individual assistance
• make recommendations or suggestions

Patients may contact the Patient Representative Office by mail, phone, e-mail or in person. If presenting a complaint, patients may be asked to provide written documentation or a summary of events. The office will open a complaint and gather the necessary information to resolve the issue. Based on the findings, intervention and/or actions may be taken by the clinic, department or the command. Valid concerns and complaints help us to identify areas for performance improvement.

If you have a compliant or are having issues with which you need help please contact our patient advocate at:  

The patient representative office is located on the basement level, within the Patient Service Center near the pharmacy lobby.
Our facility is accredited by the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations, or JCAHO.

Patient Advocate Request Form

Mailing Address

FORT KNOX KY 40121-5520

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Phone: 502-626-9736



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